Holiday Shopping Insanity

Photo by Austin Marchand.

So, I guess most of the holiday shopping is getting over with now. Though I did not get a chance to participate in the festivities of pepper spraying someone in the face, my girlfriend took her family shopping that night and snapped a few photos at Wal-Mart to show me how crazy it was. This was her first time ever going shopping on Black Friday, and she was very shocked to see how insane people get while chasing good deals. I was on the phone with her for some of it and I could barely hear her over the screaming crowd. I’m glad she didn’t get hurt. Like I mentioned in my previous post, maybe I will have the chance to go Black Friday shopping next year. I just hope I am able to save enough money to get something nice. Maybe a decent sized HDTV, a wireless printer or both!

Photo by Austin Marchand.

Even though I didn’t go out shopping, my girlfriend did something that I would have never expected. She told me to go online and pick a laptop (something that I desperately need because I’ve had this Dell Inspiron 1501 for nearly 5 years now) and she would buy it for me. Now, I don’t need some extremely expensive MacBook Pro or anything, but I did get a laptop that I felt is the best for my needs. She bought me a Dell Inspiron 15R. I feel blessed to have such an amazing girlfriend. The laptop came today, and I’m pretty excited. I haven’t turned it on yet. I felt the need to update this blog about it first. This is the first time I’m going to use Windows 7, and I’ve heard it’s great. Why am I still writing? I’m going to play with my new laptop.


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