Oh, and there may be football, too

As the Super Bowl creeps upon us tomorrow, I can’t help, but realize how corporate controlled it is. I understand the need for sponsorship, though I believe the final two teams should pay for the event. Everything involving the Superbowl has some kind of product placement or corporate involvement. Whether you like it or not.

Pepsi for all!Let’s take the stadium for instance. No NFL game is complete without Pepsi…. wait… am I allowed to use actual name or do I have to change them? BAH! Who cares! I am a lowly blogger, they can sue me! ANYWAY, as I was typing….you see many banners around the stadium for Pepsi. You have cups filled with Pepsi with the Pepsi logo on the cups and possibly a Pepsi logo shaped straw with a Pepsi keychain necklace and a Pepsi hat. The Superbowl is no different in this regard to advertising and product placement. Let’s not forget that the stadium in which the Super Bowl will take place is called Lucas Oil Stadium. For those of you who don’t know, Lucas Oil is a corporation (yup) that makes oils for high performance engines and petroleum additives.

In fact, the Super Bowl is that one football game where corporations have the privilege to go all out with advertising. Let’s take the commercials as an example. The commercials do take up most of the advertising on such a gloriously corporate day. What do they have to do with football? Absolutely nothing! It is all an excuse to push products on you. A very poor excuse, but an excuse none-the-less.

Think about it, we Americans have our yearly cultural tradition of a major football game to determine who has the greatest team of the sport’s season. We love football; it is a major part of our lives, but what does the new Honda CR-V have to do with football? Or our yearly traditions surrounding it? What do corporations have to do with the half-time show? Ah yes, I need a new car. Great, thanks for reminding me during a happy moment of my life Honda. You need a job? Careerbuilder.com will inform you that you are either unemployed, going nowhere at your current job, or are on the verge of being fired. The commercials are not complete yet! We don’t see a year go by without scantily clad women on TV for products that do not relate to sex, lingerie or anorexia in the least amount. Toyota Camry? Women in almost nothing are laid out in the form of a couch. Anyone know how this relates to a car? I’d like to know. Website hosting and file hosting, GoDaddy does it all and then advertises with very attractive women in, again, almost nothing. I guess GoDaddy wants you to upload your porn to their site so the wife or girlfriend won’t find it.

At the end of all the commercials, celebrities, product placement, celebrities, more product placement, even more celebrities, endless commercials, more commercials, yet again more commercials and did I say commercials?…there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Yes, we come to what the Super Bowl is really about… Tim Tebow. *Insert record scratch* What? He isn’t even in the Super Bowl and he is STILL getting an insane amount of coverage? Oh, he’s a celebrity, that’s why. Let’s just hope he wont be mentioned too often. It will ruin my experience.

Super Bowl 2012So, let’s conclude this rambling post about the corporate fun day that has become the Super Bowl, shall we? Football doesn’t have the same feel as it did when I was a child. I enjoyed the hours watching football games with such amusement that couldn’t be rivaled but by the Thundercats and Pokémon. The corporations have reached out with their greedy cancerous hands to clutch the last bastion of American tradition. So, I hope you enjoy the commercials, awkward product placements, the celebrities and a concert…oh and there may be football too, enjoy that as well. If you can survive the corporate assault.


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