No money? Let’s go Black Friday shopping!

Today is Black Friday, arguably the busiest and craziest shopping day in the United States. A lot of money will be spent today, and a lot of people will get hurt.

I have never been able to “celebrate” this so-called holiday. Ever since I was 16 and started working, I have thought of going out and standing in line outside of a Walmart or Best Buy for many hours to get good deals on high-priced items. I keep planning on going out to buy an HD video camera or just a nice point and shoot,  but I always seem to be busy doing something on Black Friday.

This year is different. I had nothing to do, and I had even gone to a Walmart to do a bit of grocery shopping the night of Thanksgiving. Unfortunately, I am pretty much broke right now because I recently spent a quite a bit of money on a few important things. I completely neglected to save for this year’s shopping “holiday” that I really wanted to participate in.

Looking at it, I feel that Black Friday is pointless unless you have saved. I mean, I would rather spend the last $50 I have on food and gas than Modern Warfare 3 or The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword. Why go out and blow your last bit of cash or hit the limit on your credit card for a few material items? Maybe I’m just ignorant to the whole buzz about this crazed shopping thing.

If I may, I will finish this post with a few parting words:

It’s funny that with how the economy is, with those who have little to no money, – not even enough to buy food for their families – still go out and blow cash and credit on useless merchandise on Black Friday. Sure, it’s nice to buy things for a cheaper price, and I can understand those people who save all year to buy a few key items (hell, I wish I would have saved to buy a new laptop and phone). But those who go and blow money that they don’t have and ruin the credit that is already in the low-400s are simply stupid. Got to love this most wonderful of traditional American holidays. Happy Black Friday, everyone.

I wish I had the money to go out and buy a few things today (pretty much everything mentioned above – MW3, LoZ:SS, laptop and Android phone). Maybe next year?


2 responses to “No money? Let’s go Black Friday shopping!

  1. I so agree! My wife works today but I saved vacation time to be home with our 2 sons – one off school, the other grown and looking for work – I would love to explore the sights and sounds of this extravaganza (maybe let them help pick things) but, alas, I chose the responsible route too: paying bills instead and sitting at home. The bulk of our shopping waits again this year in hopes of a Christmas bonus and a third payday in December. Your wish list sounds much like our guys 🙂

    • Thanks for the comment. 🙂 Yes, look like I will have to wait until next year or whenever I get enough money saved to buy the things I need/want. I guess being responsible would be the best thing to do…unfortunately. lol.

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