Selfish Cyclists

There are many things that make me angry, but do not warrant a soap box rant. This, I feel, does. What am I raging about today?


I hate them.

If you are reading this and you are a bicyclist – I hate you. Now, just to clarify, my beef isn’t against bicyclists in general, but against those who feel the need to ride in the street when there is a sidewalk and crosswalk available.

Why is it that they feel the need to use the street that is dedicated for motor vehicles? Why use the left turning lane and slow down already sluggish traffic? Why ride on the side of the street and cause cars to yield to you? These and other questions come to mind when seeing a person on a bicycle riding on the street.

Maybe I’m just stupid and don’t understand. What I can understand is if there is no sidewalk or safe area to ride off of the street, then by all means, use the edge of the street. But please, tell me why you and your 50 other spandex-wearing friends feel the need to use the entire right land and block traffic.

Just to put it into perspective, today as I was driving to work, a guy fell off his bicycle and into the middle of the street. Thankfully, there was bumper-to-bumper traffic, so no cars were moving. He picked himself up, picked up his water bottle, and got back on his bike. Now, any normal person would have been a little bit more cautious afterwards and used the sidewalk. Not this genius. He decides to get back into the middle of the street, cut through three lanes of heavy traffic and turn using the left turning lane.

Unfortunately, these people are breeding. Something needs to be done.

As a simple request for everyone’s safety, I would like to ask those who feel the need to put everyone, including themselves, in harm’s way to get off the street and back on to the sidewalk. There is no reason for such foolishness and idiocy. Please realize that you are endangering people’s lives.

My girlfriend found this Dolemite article after proof reading my article.

My girlfriend found this blog, too. It gives the opposite opinion to mine regarding bicyclists.


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