Easy work, difficult labor

“Hard work” means something different to anyone who hears the phrase. To some it may mean to labor outside in the hot sun for hours on end. Some others may take it as the ability to balance life among the stresses that come at each of us day after day.

I look around and see a lot of hard workers. They juggle school, work, and personal lives. It’s something that many people do, and when I see someone do those things I consider it admirable. These are hard working, responsible people and they struggle to keep everything balanced and without stress. I, of course, am sitting on campus at the university that I attend. These young people (which I am proud to be one of) are some of the hardest working people in this world. The work we do now may not be considered difficult manual labor, but it is definitely hard work. We study, we stress, we write papers, we do calculations – a lot of mental exertion. Continue reading